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tv   FOX 10 News 6pm  FOX  September 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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farmer. whoever is responsible is still on the loose. fox 10's linda williams joins us live with the latest. what have you learned? >> reporter: john, what we learned is phoenix police say they will not be releasing the audio call. you can imagine how frightened dinya farmer must have felt as she drove on the freeway trying to get away from men in a white pickup truck who were chasing her. began as a phoenix woman drove on the freeway. a 49-year-old mother of three called 911 about 7:20 on that wednesday night saying three men in a truck were chasing her. she told the 911 operator, "these mexican guys started at broadway and seventh avenue and as i turned off to get off of
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was going to get out of their truck. like they are following me now on the freeway." as farmer drove north on state route 51, she described the truck pursuing her as a white pickup work truck asking the operator, what should i do. she said she was nervous. as she approached thomas road and told the operator where she was and trying to describe who was chasing her, she yeah, they are right next to me. there was an unknown noise heard on the phone and farmer is not heard again on that phone call. the operator tries several times to get a response from her. those noises are believed to be gunshots fired into farmer's car. one hit her in the head. her car crashed in the median. farmer died at the hospital.
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investigation and other 911 calls that night describing this white truck driving erratically on the 51 freeway through traffic. so far, still no break in this case. the person or people who chased dinya farmer down and shot her in her head remain on the loose. if you have any information about this case, call police, d.p.s., or call silent witness at 480-witness. i'm linda williams, fox 10 news. >> state trooper when a driver apparently pulled a trigger during a traffic stop. the trooper pulled over a car near loop 101 and indian school for weaving in and out of traffic. the trooper saw a large amount of marijuana in a backpack and asked if the driver had a medical marijuana card.
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the trooper said he sounded like a gun click but no bullets fired. the trooper was not hurt. >> this is a good job on the trooper. he identified there was a hazard. he backed up and retreated trying to get cover. drew his weapon, at which time, you know, the subject pulled out what we believe is a weapon and dry fired it at our trooper and fled the scene. >> investigators say the driver apartment complex. a k-9 found him hiding in bushes. officers took him into custody. police identify a man shot and killed over the weekend. robert nunez ganado was found early sunday morning. two cars left the scene. police pulled the cars over. a passenger suffered a gunshot wound and taken to the hospital.
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motive for all of this. a man wanted in connection with bombings over the weekend in new york city and new jersey are in custody tonight. the afghan immigrant taken down during a shootout with police hours after investigators released his photo. joel waldman has more from new york. >> reporter: the man's suspected in this weekend's chelsea explosion is in custody. ahmad khan rahami was after explosions in new jersey. authorities catching up with the 28-year-old following a call about a man sleeping in a bar hallway. >> the offers realized this may be the person the f.b.i. is looking for. the officer said show me your hands and the person went to the side of his body and fired a round at the officer. >> reporter: rahami is a u.s. citizen from afghanistan.
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he was wanted for duel explosions on saturday, one in seaside park, new jersey, the second in chelsea's neighborhood. >> now we have this suspect in custody, the investigation can focus on other aspects, such as whether this individual acted alone and what his motivations may have been. reporter: the search for rahami kicked into high gear this morning after a third blast. this one in elizabeth, new jersey, one of five devices left inside a bag disco local trash can blew up as a bomb squad disarmed it. it is the same city where they searched also in connection with rahami. >> the county is safe. the businesses are open. the trains are running. the schools are open. people need to continue with their daily lives. >> reporter: authorities say no other suspects are being
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in a mall in minnesota appears not connected to the bombings of the northeast but it is investigated the terrorism. an off duty officer killed the suspect. isis news agency called him a soldier of the islamic state. all nine people who were stabbed survived. we're hearing a pilots a call for help moments after his plane crashed into a home in gilbert. we're told four on board the plane before the crash on saturday night. they were appearing in gilbert and jumped out of the plane for an event before there was a problem on board. the pilot strapped on a parachute and jumped out of the plane. the plane crashed in a field nea a home near gilbert and ray road. everyone got out safely but the plane crashed into that house. >> i'm having an emergency
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fire in the airplane. >> did you want to go chandler? do you want chandler airport? it is at 3:00, two miles. 844, do you want gateway or chandler? >> that plane went down. >> we learned the pilot suffered burns when he jumped out and two people who live in the home were miraculously not hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire at an abandoned hopeville. it happened saturday night near the i-10 and palo verde roads. water had to be shuttled from tonopah and the buckeye fire district to fight it. no one hurt. there is no electrical service to the church so the cause is under investigation. a 78-year-old man die office riding a jet ski and colliding head on with a boat in delaware.
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jerry astor hit a pontoon boat at a high rate of speed. paramedics declared astor dead at the scene. police, of course, looking into the cause. crews continue their search for two men and a 9-year-old boy missing on lake superior. the three set out in a boat but did not show up for a fish fry the coast guard from the u.s. and canada are searching by he wanted and by boat of any sign of those who are missing. after years of planning, crews are going to start construction work on the loop 202 freeway tonight. the extension will eventually connect the east and west valleys following a route around south mountain. it has been in the works for decades now.
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existing h.o.v. lanes. adot warning drivers to be ready for delays. >> it is ridiculous trying to get through phoenix area and trying to get through the rush hour traffic. if we can blow by that, less trucks and less accidents. >> the extension is expected to be completed by 2019. drivers in the southeast are facing long lines stations and some places have run out of gas. a pipeline that runs from houston to new york broke down in alabama leaking hundreds of gallons of fuel. some state, including south carolina and georgia have declared states of emergency to prevent price gouging. they are working to build a bypass around the leak. it is not clear when the line will be back up and running.
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global technology company based in phoenix selling a division of its company in a blockbuster deal. avnet will get more than $2 billion in cash and three million shares of tech data that is said to be worth $200 million. avnet serves clients in 80 countries. moving forward, focus on becoming a leader in design chain and supply chains for our current customers and new markets. take a look at this in the business watch. this is interesting stuff. arizona governor doug ducey announcing a food packaging
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it will open a 750,000 square foot distribution center adding 300 jobs. products include paper cups and food containers. sub tropical moisture from hurricane paine will bring windy conditions and wet weather in through california. what is the story, kari? >> reporter: i'm filling in r you know that a hurricane is in the forecast. i'm calling it a pain in the baja. it is a category one hurricane. 90 miles an hour winds moving north and northwest and by the time it makes landfall it will be downgraded to a low pressure system and that will brick rain to the valley.
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showing over the next couple of days where the rain is expected. down in the yuma area they are getting rain and imperial county in california. we're going to see bands of moisture come up southern california, san diego, l.a., and extreme southwestern arizona along the colorado basin expected to get quite a bit of rain. how much rain, not a lot. probably between .10-.25 of an inch. of an inch and more in southern california. they could use it there. >> always use the rain right now. we've been in a prolonged drought. police say a young man was drunk when he committed a crime during yesterday's arizona cardinals game. what he is accused of doing. we're going to meet a valley teen who is providing backpacks
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denny's introduced new buttermilk pancakes and now we're introducing free pancakes for kids. who's crazy idea was this? well, we're pretty sure we know who. for a limited time, kids get our new pancakes in any of these flavors, free. a texas man faces a a texas man facing a felony count of sexual abuse after he
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at the cardinals game. the woman was standing in a stairwell when 24-year-old benjamin morrow placed his hand on her leg as he walked by and touched her inappropriately. she hit him with her phone and held on to his shirt until security arrived. he denied touching the woman. records show he had been intoxicated. arizona prison inmate serving time for aggravated has taken his own life. department of corrections say the 31-year-old was found unresponsive on saturday at the lewis prison in buckeye. the department did not say how he died but it appears to be suicide. he was serving six years in prison. a valley teen gathering donations in school supplies to help families who can't afford them. kaitlin martinez and their mom created a facebook page to try
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so far they have donated 300 backpacks for students in need. kaitlin said the project was inspired by one of her friends. >> when one of my friends didn't have supplies to pass a test and she didn't want to say anything about it. that got me thinking. >> we started talking and she is like how many other kids are going through this. i was like let's do something and we can work on it together. >> kaitlin is starting a anoth and basic necessities to foster children. if you would like to help, we put the information on our website, still ahead, kari with an update on the forecast. we could be in for a little bit of wet weather as traffic moves
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sometimes it is nice to have a cloudy day. i thought when the clouds started moving in today, i thought we would be in for a good, cloudy day. 94 is where we are right now. winds at 18 miles an hour and humidity at 18%. you probably noticed the
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there today and this is the reason why. we have a hurricane, hurricane paine, which is poised well south of the baja. it is beginning to move north, northwest and will make landfall as a low pressure system. it is being downgraded from a category one then to low pressure and it will bring with it rain, quite a bit of rain to southern california and arizona. it does not look like we'll see metro area. this is the current radar. you can see it is starting to move in towards yuma. as we zoom in closer, this shows where the rain is starting to move in into southern arizona and up to the northern baja of mexico and into california as well. los angeles and san diego could be getting heavy rain. most of the heavy rain is going to be situated over here in the
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we're looking at .10-.25 of an inch of rain, upwards of .75-inch of rain. 85 in phoenix. 86 in gila bend. readings warmer in the high country where the humidity will keep temperatures warmer. look at this 10-day forecast. we got the rain in the forecast, tuesday, wednesday, and a chance on thursday. 85 tomorrow and readings in the 90's and you can get weather 24/7 on >> reporter: this is what makes bruce arians the aggressive play caller he is today. the touchdown that iced the game. you have to hear what he has to say today about the long bomb to
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>> reporter: today's nfl world most teams run the psalm plays so the biggest distinguishing characteristic is what call you make and when you make it. for bruce arians is usually an aggressive play call. it hand when carson palmer went
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brown just outruns the safety here. it is a beautifully thrown ball. might coaches might play conservative but when bruce arians gets a chance to make another touchdown, he goes for it. i asked him about being aggressive and put out the 24-0 lead. >> in every play there is a touchdown even if you are playing for three. they gave us coverage where brown got a chance to go the safety and the safety got trouble in the end route and carson saw it immediately and put a perfect ball out there. >> reporter: gonzalez star of the week. a couple of 54-yarders and the pac 12 special teams play of the week. we have the coyotes rookie camp. keep an eye on dylan strom. i think he will make the roster.
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the week drew in paul goldschmidt. the d-backs split a couple. i'm on news now. cards fans, nfl fans, we will talk about everything from a.s.u. we have a.s.u. questions and cardinals and all things football. >> you are dialed in. >> reporter: you got it, buddy. >> we'll see you back here
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harvey: we got jimmy fallon after the emmys. he had some interesting things to say about why he did what he did with donald trump and what he thinks about people who are pissed off that he didn't do certain things with donald trump. >> i'm never too hard on anyone, yeah. >> he has hillary clinton on tonight. harvey: 's that with her. >> what's an equivalent thing he can do with her? harvey: he comes out as dr. oz and does a physical. [laughter] >> the rams played the first home game in los angeles in years. lebron james showed up. they're screaming at him, kobe! >> kobe, kobe! >> that's really bad for the lakers that they can't think of a guy who's currently playing that they can heckle him with. they've got to go to the retired guy. >> swaggy p! swaggy p!


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